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BDSM. FemDome

Domination of various degree (from easy to rigid), a fisting, a compulsory cunnilingus, rimming, facesitting (with breath control), bondage, submission, humiliations both physical and moral, (insults words, spittles, slaps in the face, kicks, pushes, rape by a strap-on (the various sizes penis) and ..), a flogging of various rigidity beginning from easy - a palm or with use of devices (flogger, a cat, a whip, a belt, ), fixing (including on the suspending device, in the dog cage), gag, masks, helmets, touch deprivation, depersonalization (a rug for legs, an ashtray, a horsy, the doggie other forms of games), wax, ice, a gold rain (in a mouth, on a body
), disguise in lady\\\'s wear (shorts, bras, socks, silk stockings, stockings, dresses, blouses, short skirts, cosmetics, wigs (from the brunette to the blonde) and shoes (your size).

Various role-playing games:
- Baby-play
- The teacher
- A dog-play
- A pony-play
- A concentration camp
- The militiaman
- The page
- The slave
- Sissy boy
And ..

Zoo with a cat.

+ Miksrestling

Real name Gospozha Vitalina
Region Moscow
Metro Akademicheskaya
Age 19
Height 172
Weight 57
Breast 3
Wear size 46
Not younger18 (restriction on age)
Registration date06.08.2011
Номер анкеты45945
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour no $ 100
2 hours no $ 200
Night  no no
nal no  
Фото девушки
Where is?

B D S M Gospozha Vitalina: +7(915) 210-55-50

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27 сентября 2011 19:20

Был вчера у Сабины.Красивая,стройная.Сказал что новичок,предлагалала свои темы,а я выбирал,что мне подходит и что хотел бы попробывать Страпон подобрала,который подходит для первого раза.Сначала потихоньку,а потом быстро,даже на пояс одела.Вобщем молодец знает своё дело.Спасибо тебе Сабиночка.Извини за облом в конце.Повозможности Зайду Ещё.Сергей

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