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Classic sex
For anal

The passionate, dissolute Madam will rape your mouth and a buttocks. We will play? Mum-son, the teacher-pupil or in the doctor?
I will punish: I will bend through a knee or I will clamp between feet your head and I will flog!!! I will sing a shower of gold and I will force to lick all to a drop!!!
You will lick while I will not terminate in your mouth!!!
I will connect, that you could not resist to my desires!!! Also I will make with you everything that it will want to me:
Tickling, a pony-plej, bol-basting, bebi-sex (пеленание). Wax, clothespins, punctures-pricks (piercing of nipples and not only. (Disposable syringes), a fisting and trampling without footwear in shoes on a hairpin!!!

Real name Veronika
Region Moscow
Metro Alekseevskaya
Age 37
Height 184
Weight 78
Breast 2
Wear size 48
Address pr. Mira
Not younger30 (restriction on age)
Registration date16.06.2010
Номер анкеты17886
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour $ 150 no
2 hours $ 200 $ 250
Night  $ 950 no
nal no  
Фото девушки
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B D S M Gospozha Nika: +7(926) 820-57-62

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