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The main principle of health not to have good health and to implement with the help of this health mission.

Massage was used as a healing tool for thousands of years in many cultures.
Rubbing massage is a natural human reaction to pain and stress, and for transmission of sympathy and support.
Massage to complete relaxation !!!
  Not salon !!! Without parallel meetings and friends !!!

When you lie on a table for a massage to the sound of music or nature, when the smell of essential oils fills the air and massage oil is heated in my hands, all your muscles will be waiting behind the scenes at the first touch and the beginning of a massage.
Once the session begins, from the first minutes all problems fade into the background. And the only thing you'll be wanting at this point - to massage lasted forever.

After the massage, you get more than just relaxing the mind and body - there are specific physiological and psychological changes that occur, in order, more so when massage ispolzutsya as a prophylactic.
Massage provides not only good health, but also often gives a healing effect.
It is proved that the more you can afford to get massage treatments, the better you will feel.

Benefit you will get from any of massage:

* Full body massage is an excellent preventive tool of healing the body, it increases circulation, allowing the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs;

* Anti-cellulite massage speeds up the metabolism, improves the flow and the flow of lymph and blood, thereby eliminating excess intercellular fluid, improves the condition of the walls of blood vessels, and appearance of the skin. The main positive result of this massage is, of course, the elimination of cellulite.

* Lymphatic drainage massage increases blood circulation and lymph systems improves the condition of a large body of tela- skin releases the cells from metabolic products and decay, it enhances and facilitates the work of all body cells, increases metabolism, eliminates excess intercellular fluid. Under the action of the massage is better washed tissue swelling disappear and will undergo inflammation, Vosstanavliaet normal healthy structure of the muscle tissue, subcutaneous kleychatki and improved turgur skin.

* MASSAGE relaxes and soothes muscle tension. This is an excellent remedy for stress, it improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, luchshaet sleep, beneficial effects on the skin, smoothing out wrinkles. This massage is an ideal tool to quickly put himself in order.

* SPORTS MASSAGE reduces recovery time, helps prepare for strenuous workouts and eliminates posleduschego pain at any level;

* Acupressure helps produce endorphins - natural painkillers hormones for the body s used in chronic illness, injury and recovery from surgery, reduce pain;

* PRIVATE MASSAGE reduces adhesions, swelling, and can be used for the reduction and reorganization of scar tissue;

* BACK MASSAGE improves range of motion and decreases discomfort when using existing back pain;

* HEAD MASSAGE AND MASSAGE cervical area relieves headaches;

* Rolfing - Used to reorder the major body segments, this technique utilizes physical manipulation and movement awareness to bring the body into vertical alignment;

* Shiatsu massage - deep digital pressure technique using the traditional acupuncture points of traditional Chinese medicine.

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