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+7(495) 518-14-56

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Get top-shelf quality erotic massage session including classic (swedish)massage, erotic massage and also "happy ending". Classic massage works on your muscles, removig tension.
The erotic massage performed by EDEM CLUB Girls will help you to improve your sex life, refine your energies and your capacity of love.
Enjoy a king's treatment at hands of sexy young Russian girls!
Nice apartments, separate entry, Jacuzzi. U are welcome! +7 (495) 518-14-56, +7 (495) 518-24-56
Metro Belorusskaya(2 min), St. Alexandra Nevskogo 19/25, white door on the right hand from the Maya saloon entry.

Real name Sofiya
Region Moscow
Metro Belorusskaya, Mayakovskaya
Age 23
Height 175
Weight 52
Breast 2
Intimate haircut Аккуратная стрижка
Wear size 44
Address ul. Aleksandra Nevskogo
Not younger18 (restriction on age)
Registration date14.12.2013
Номер анкеты113425
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour $ 60 no
2 hours $ 120 no
Night  $ 270 no
nal no  
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Masseuse Sofiya: +7(495) 518-14-56

самая лучшая девушка в этом салоне
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 24 окт 2013 01:14

.....выглядит на 27.....на самом деле ей 37 ! Name: Алиса Photos: не соответствует; 
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