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We - day and night, light and darkness, fire and water! We will help you to plunge into the ocean passions and dissolve in the waves of pleasure. With us you will forget about the problems and concerns, dive into such depths of ecstasy, which had not dreamed of in the most explicit dreams. Modest wicked woman, we make a reality of your deepest desires and share our daring fantasies.

Men who abuse alcohol and drugs, please do not worry. please read the conditions carefully. Thank you for your understanding.

Real name Anya i Sveta
Region Moscow
Metro Vojkovskaya
Age 25
Height 174
Weight 57
Breast 3
Wear size 44
Not younger40 (restriction on age)
Registration date25.10.2009
Номер анкеты9961
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour no no
2 hours no $ 600
Night  no $ 1500
nal $ 100  
Фото девушки
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Anya i Sveta: +7(965) 413-63-94

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