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All kinds of erotic massage with orgasmic ending! Photos of my 100%! Erotic massage - is a magical show for those who wish to obtain a bright, unusual and incomparable pleasure. I invite you to become a party to it. A gentle touch and a variety of hands, rhythmic swaying of the body, an intimate setting will allow you to immerse yourself in an amazing, ethereal state. Thanks to the professional actions you will feel wonderful inner freedom, comfort and tranquility. All your thoughts, desires, fantasies become at one point a beautiful reality. Body to relax, get rid of stiffness, fatigue, stress. Each of your cell is gradually filled with a sweet languor, the exciting energy.

Real name Rita
Region St.Petersburg
Metro Ploschad Aleksandra Nevskogo
Age 20
Height 170
Weight 53
Breast 2
Wear size 42
Not younger21 (restriction on age)
Registration date01.06.2011
Номер анкеты41487
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour $ 100 no
2 hours $ 200 $ 250
Night  $ 500 $ 550
nal $ 70  
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RITA: +7(981) 683-02-54

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