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day and night

January 2009 – Present (2 years 1 month)

Actively playing sports since 6 years, with resticted energy ratio. And as a result of that, outstanding, beautiful, sexual,
heavenly figure, modeling parameters.
The breast: dream of each man, elastic, well keeps within a palm.
Buttocks: strong, pumped, the correct round form. Harmonous long feet, as is called, from ears.
An intelligent live, pretty face, which is able to adore the real man for ever.
Ashed long hair.
Smooth, velvet skin without roughnesses and lacks. Plasticity of the body and muscles is developed from employment as a striptease showwoman on a pole, and I am
professional striptease entertainer.
In a gift from my mum and from the Founder, I have long, beautiful fingers and long nail beds, both on my hands and feet. High rise of foot-dream of any man.
Intelligentely educated, at various schools: art, sport, general sciences, psychology, medical help, journalist.... I am constantly training in various courses on improvement of professional skill. I am a real, operating Geisha, which analogs in the Russian Federation, don\'t exist!

Real name Polina
Region Moscow
Metro Prospekt Mira
Age 41
Height 175
Weight 68
Breast 4
Wear size 48
Not younger35 (restriction on age)
Registration date28.01.2011
Номер анкеты31532
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour $ 1200 $ 600
2 hours $ 2400 $ 1200
Night  $ 4000 $ 2000
nal no  
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Polina: +7(926) 816-72-68

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