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Heterosexual WONDERFUL! TEMPTRESS! Lady with a sense of tact and self-esteem! Elegant exclusive car! Suggested as a generous embrace of a successful gentleman! My charming affection and violent temperament will carry you into the world of endless pleasures! Confidentially! Call appropriate from 10 to 24. Please call one hour before the visit. The apartment is guarded. Convenient check-in. Parking.

Real name Kseniya
Region Moscow
Metro Belorusskaya
Age 25
Height 170
Weight 65
Breast 5
Wear size 44
Not younger22 (restriction on age)
Registration date18.12.2015
Номер анкеты201135
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour $ 200 $ 200
2 hours $ 400 $ 400
Night  $ 1000 $ 1200
nal no  
Фото девушки
Main Additional Striptease
Extreme B D S M Massage
Only at me:
Все идеальное

Kseniya: +7(968) 629-30-09

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