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+7(909) 677-47-24

day and night

I'm pretty hot and lively girl with a warm and luscious juicy pussy. Very hot sex and I wanted to be a night nurse, I know the right treatment for your body in the right time.So you make a call, and I'm healing.

Real name Silviya
Region Moscow (Zhulebino)
Metro SHosse jentuziastov, Oktyabrskaya, Slavyanskij bulvar
Age 21
Height 165
Weight 52
Breast 2
Intimate haircut Натуральная
Wear size 42
Address moscow
Not younger18 (restriction on age)
Registration date25.10.2015
Номер анкеты183272
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour no $ 60
2 hours no $ 80
Night  no $ 140
nal no  
Фото девушки
Where is?

Silviya: +7(909) 677-47-24

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