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+7(985) 026-42-49

day and night

Charming fairy, goddess of love and sex is ready to meet with you and give moments of happiness. Services paid for, but they are worth. I work as Independent, privacy and ecstasy I guarantee.

Real name Elena
Region Moscow (Moskovskiy)
Metro Kievskaya
Age 43
Height 180
Weight 78
Breast 5
Intimate haircut Полная депиляция
Wear size 50
Not younger20 (restriction on age)
Registration date17.09.2015
Номер анкеты164569
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour $ 2000 $ 2500
2 hours $ 4000 $ 4500
Night  $ 10000 $ 11000
nal no  
Фото девушки
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Elena: +7(985) 026-42-49

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