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+7(926) 806-14-19

day and night

Newly arrived, all still fresh, enjoy this rare cuban beauty before she becomes obsolete from excessive fucking.

Real name SHaron
Region Moscow (Zhulebino)
Metro Volzhskaya, TSaritsyno, SCHelkovskaya
Age 22
Height 174
Weight 56
Breast 4
Intimate haircut Аккуратная стрижка
Wear size 58
Not younger18 (restriction on age)
Registration date01.02.2015
Номер анкеты146500
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour no $ 50
2 hours no $ 70
Night  no $ 120
nal no  
Фото девушки
Where is?

SHaron: +7(926) 806-14-19

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