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Will come to a decent adequate man, I guarantee a great time, lots of affection and pleasure. Before you call please carefully read the application form, and await your bells...Anal sex ONLY AT MY DISCRETION, the decision about whether he will or not take only I and only after we met, the meeting is to be paid ten thousand two hours regardless of is anal sex or not, and if it is the Supplement of 5000

Real name Vlada
Region Moscow
Metro Prazhskaya, SHabolovskaya, Teplyj stan
Age 25
Height 169
Weight 55
Breast 2
Intimate haircut Полная депиляция
Wear size 44
Not younger25 (restriction on age)
Registration date17.08.2014
Номер анкеты135471
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour no no
2 hours $ 300 no
Night  $ 800 no
nal $ 150  
Фото девушки
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Vlada: +7(950) 907-57-24

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