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day and night

Dear Sirs! The proposal for a serious, intelligent, respectable man. NOT beauty, NOT the company. Meeting with the mutual sympathy of your hand, and with my. Are rare, not the pipeline. Dear Sirs, if you are unable to me to call for any reason, your phone switched off or not answering your phone call, it means no free time for the meeting, busy personal Affairs. Apologize in advance for any inconvenience! I'm very neat, medical examinations and dentist visit regularly. Immediately warn that the MDBs and anal sex do not accept. Alcohol negative attitude! Permanent sponsor and similar proposals are not looking. Only for serious men. Confidentially. Not divorce.

Real name Alisa
Region Moscow
Metro Nagornaya
Age 28
Height 164
Weight 47
Breast 2
Intimate haircut Полная депиляция
Wear size 42
Not younger18 (restriction on age)
Registration date14.06.2014
Номер анкеты129831
Incall onlyOutcall
1 hour no $ 100
2 hours no $ 150
Night  no $ 330
nal no  
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Aliska: +7(968) 605-53-68

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